Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria

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Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria
Maurice Fowler
Email: Maurice
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Kildara Centre
Rear 39 Stanhope St
(03) 9728 2334
Office Bearers:
  • Catriona Delvin – Secretary
  • Jane Graham -Treasurer
  • To promote the study of the Scottish Gaelic Language and Culture
Brief History The Scottish Gaelic Society was formed in 1905 to nurture and preserve the Gaelic culture which includes language and music in all its forms such as song and instrumental. When the Society was formed the population of Gaelic speakers was large – in fact Scottish and Irish Gaelic made up the largest ethnic language in Australia at that time. The Society continued strongly through The First World War, The Great Depression and The Second World War. By the 1970’s there was a lull in the language, but in the last twenty years there has been a sudden awakening and awareness in Scotland itself of its oldest surviving language.This revival has encouraged people in Canada, New Zealand, and of course Australia, to look again at the language of their forefathers and its survival in the 21st century.
  • Choir Meetings
    • Tuesday Mornings 10a.m. – 12noon
      The Kildara Centre
      Rear 39 Stanhope Street
      Malvern 3144 Melways 59 C7
Learning Gaelic Scottish Gaelic Language
(Canan nan Gaidheal)taught weekly Wednesday 6.30 to 8.30 pm at CELTIC CLUB,Corner Queen and La Trobe Streets, Melbourne. Could you be interested in attending classes? Do you know someone who might be interested? You do not have to be Scottish or of Scottish descent to join us in learning this magnificent ancient language. EVERYONE IS WELCOME ! Please contact the Society via 03 9728 2334 for further details.If you happen to enjoy the timeless beauty of the Scottish Gaelic traditional music, and wish to sing some of these traditional airs and more modern music based on the ancient traditions, come along and participate in the Scottish Gaelic Choir of Victoria.No prior knowledge of music or Gaelic is required, just the enthusiasm and the will to be part of a choir.The Choir Meets

      Tuesday Mornings
      10.00am to 12.00noon
      The Kildara Centre
      Rear : 39 Stanhope Street
      Malvern  3144 Melways 59 C7
Functions  CEILIDH held 4 times per year
  • Scots of Victoria Co-ordinating Group
Established: 1905 Melbourne